PROPOSALS  >  EXPERIENCE CINQUE TERRE AND LA SPEZIA LIVE CINQUE TERRE AS AN ANCIENT LIGURIAN MERCHANT Discover Cinque Terre from a unique perspective. From the sea, on an ancient Latin sail Leudo



What did the Ligurian 19th century sea merchants feel? Imagine being on your boat, sailing the Ligurian sea and arriving in distant countries, to trade your fragrant olive oil and your wine. Try this feeling is possible!


Although today very few specimens of the Latin sail Leudo remain, the ancient boat of the Ligurian merchants, we at Tour Liguria by Volver give you the opportunity to live this unique experience.


Not only! We give you carte blanche for the itinerary to follow. We limit ourselves to suggest paths that we know you may like, the rest is you to decide.


In particular, we can advise you:

  • 8 hours excursion between the Gulf of Poets and Cinque Terre. The Gulf of Poets, a name used to refer to the Gulf of La Spezia, awaits you with its picturesque and characteristic villages that have driven famous poets of the past to visit it. Authors as Dante, Byron and Shelley were astonished by the scent of the sea that reaches the homes and typical local products, which we will take you to taste


  • 4 hours excursion between Portovenere and Campiglia Tramonti. We take you to discover these two jewels of the Ligurian Riviera di Levante. The first, a UNESCO heritage site with its imposing castle and natural park. The second, famous for the collection of the prized saffron and for its particular Red and Black Cliffs.


  • 4 hours in the Gulf between Lerici and Tellaro. Considered among the most beautiful villages in Italy, they offer breathtaking views and natural elements not to be missed. You will be impressed by the hidden coves and the seaside village. Get ready to taste the true flavors of the territory, the focaccia and the local wine.


  • 2 hours in the Gulf between the islands and Portovenere. Discover the islands overlooking Portovenere: Palmaria, Tino and Tinetto. All included among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. You will discover the Blue Cavern, the undisputed pearl of Liguria, with its chromatic effect of light that gives the water an intense blue color.


  • 4 hours in the moonlight, in front of the Bay of Portovenere or Lerici. The ideal itinerary for a romantic couple experience. Fall in love with Liguria in the moonlight, it will be love at first sight.

Discover the beauties of Liguria with the eyes of a 19th century Ligurian merchant. For any additional information click here on the right, you can call us, chat with us or simply send us an email.

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