PROPOSALS  >  EXPERIENCE CINQUE TERRE AND LA SPEZIA SAILING BETWEEN CINQUE TERRE What better experience than admire Cinque Terre from the sea?



For a comfortable, guided and assisted excursion at sea, you will get on beautiful traditional boats, typical Ligurian fishing boat (called gozzo), able to transport passengers in peace, offering comfort and shelter on board.


It is the safety and practicality that distinguishes this category of boats that have been chosen by the Ligurian sailors since the past.

You will see all your requests satisfied, from diving into the sea in small bays (little coves), caves, under waterfalls ... to aperitifs on board.

You will hear about people and places, with sympathy and serenity, happy to share all this show.


Small boats and fishing boats lend themselves to a romantic trip, a day with friends or a family outing in crystal clear waters.

Children are welcome on board, the boats are equipped with some floating toys and safe life jackets.


And if you want to crush a "nap" there will be a cot waiting for you!

On board there is also a small kitchen, you can enjoy one of the classic Mediterranean aperitifs on the sea ... washed down with good home-made Cinque Terre wine.


Finally the environmental aspect is particularly taken care of. The boats are painted with low impact paints, they are not used anti-vegetatively in the hulls (they are cleaned by hand, in the old way), and some boats are equipped with an electric motor powered by solar panels.


The proposed itineraries are just a few examples of how a sea excursion can be an opportunity to visit those places accessible only by sea: each itinerary can be modified or include more destinations.


  • Discovering Cinque Terre - It is an evocative and exciting itinerary, which includes the departure from the shore of Riomaggiore, the excursion of the entire Protected Area and its characteristic villages with different bath stops; dives in coves under fresh waterfalls, baths in natural pools carved into the rock, snacks and aperitifs on board surrounded by a unique and unforgettable landscape. The recommended duration of this excursion is 3 hours or more.
  • Cinque Terre at sunset - It is a particularly romantic excursion, from about 19.00 for the next 2 hours it will be possible to admire the sunset in the Cinque Terre sea. The colors, the atmosphere and the tranquility of the moment make the experience truly unique. A toast with aperitif on board is possible. The recommended duration of this excursion is 1-2 hours or more.
  • In search of dolphins - It is a fun itinerary that includes the search for dolphins in the Cetacean Sanctuary, even beyond the outer perimeter of the Protected Area. The excursion includes off-shore swimming and a complete assistance service; the possibility of not encountering mammals is amply repaid by a particular excursion along the coast of the east of La Spezia. The recommended duration of this excursion is 3 hours or more.
  • Portovenere and Palmaria - It is a particularly interesting itinerary that includes an excursion to the eastern Ligurian coast, with a visit to the archipelago of the Palmaria islands, with stops for swimming and assistance during the journey on board; Byron cave, quarrying quarries of the famous Portoro marble, beaches and areas for a nice dive ... The recommended duration of this excursion is 4 hours or more.
  • The Levante Ligure - It is a long distance itinerary (about 35 nautical miles) that includes the visit of the entire Gulf of Cinque Terre and of the most western villages of the coast of the Ligurian Riviera (Levanto, Bonassola, Framura). Bath breaks are provided and a snack on board is recommended. The recommended duration of this excursion is 5-6 hours or more.

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