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Pizza is probably the most famous Italian food in the world. But there are many typical Genoa specialties that are less international but very important in the local tradition.


For example, the Genoese focaccia with extra-virgin olive oil, thin and crunchy: the Ligurians even soak it in the cappuccino!!

And then the Focaccia with cheese, born in Recco: 2 layers of unleavened dough with steaming stracchino inside. On this tour the participant will see how it is done live.

And the Farinata, the local reinterpretation of a dish that is eaten all over Italy: Tour Liguria by Volver always chooses the best dishes, with the aim of introducing guests to the Genoese tradition and let live a unique cooking experience.


During the "Tour Focaccia & Co." you will taste some of these specialties (depending on the availability of the dishes and restaurants):


  • Pizza: not the usual pizza, but a gourmet pizza, high and soft, seasoned with local ingredients.
  • Focaccia with cheese: the typical product born from the Recco tradition. You will also see how it is done!
  • Farinata: baked in liquid form, it is a mix of chickpea oil and flour. The good one is thin and crunchy on the surface but soft underneath.
  • Savory pies: the classic Genoese ones, in one of the oldest "Sciamadda" (fried food shop) in the historic center!
  • Bruschetta: it is a large slice of bread made by one of the most famous bakeries in Genoa, toasted and covered with fresh and high quality ingredients, including pesto. Simple dish and always welcome.
  • Genovese Focaccia: known worldwide, but prepared to perfection only in Genoa. And not everywhere, only in the best places. One of the most appreciated by the Genoese will be proposed.
  • Sweet and Coffee: like any self-respecting meal you end up with coffee. One of the best in the city is guaranteed, not to mention the location!

A local foodie will guide the guest in this delicious experience!

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