PROPOSALS  >  EXPERIENCE GENOA, TIGULLIO AND PORTOFINO GENOA: FLAVORS IN NOBLE PALACE With this experience, Genoa combines flavors and histories from the past



A different kind of dinner: who have ever tasted an aperitif at sunset and then had a gourmet taste of seventeenth-century origin on the terrace of the Royal Palace Museum, in the historic center of Genoa or in the medieval jewel of the Commendam of Prè?

A unique opportunity to discover history and culture and then enjoy a tasty evening.


Aperitif, dinner, lunch or brunch at Royal Palace or at the Commendam of Prè.

Animated mode with narrated theme path and dinner with historical dishes related to the historical period of the location. Possible dj set, exclusive concert and open bar, on request.


Romantic Dinner ✼

It is a journey to discover the flavors and stories of the seventeenth century: the guides will accompany guests to discover the secrets of the palace, all accompanied by a refreshing flute. At the end, when the sun begins to set, you reach the splendid terrace of the Royal Palace Museum to experience an evening of delicious delicacies and narrated curiosities.


Joyful Banquet ✼

The tour guide will introduce guests to discover the many secrets and mysteries still enclosed within the walls of the Commendam of Prè: all accompanied by a delicate and refreshing flute.

At the end of the path, you will be catapulted into the fifteenth century to live an unforgettable experience, between delicacies of the time and funny curiosities.



Each proposal can be customized according to the needs of the group, the number, age and nationality of the guests, specific interests and available budgets.

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