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The show cooking is an experience through which a sauce or a dish is presented to the public: the narration allows to share the philosophy of the dish through the analysis of the ingredients, the equipment and the preparation methods. Food becomes an opportunity to share the traditions, history and legends on which the most important dishes of regional cuisine are based. Following the introduction of ingredients and cultural context, the product is prepared in the way of story telling. At the end of the presentation it is worth tasting what was achieved in the demonstration. The classic Genoese sauce based on unique aromas and sensations.


- PESTO: starting from basil, an aromatic plant characterized by an emerald green color, a cultural mix is ​​realized that includes pine nuts, parmesan, pecorino cheese, garlic, salt and completed with extra virgin olive oil. Inimitable with the trofiette (a Ligurian pasta format) but also to be savored with tasty baked lasagna. Maximum involvement and fun is guaranteed!


- WALNUTS SAUCE: walnuts and marjoram, a herbaceous plant typical of the Ligurian context, are the key elements of this cold seal that is achieved with the help of the marble mortar. Traditionally it is a "must" to accompany pansotti (typical "vegetable ravioli"). The excitement of seeing the creation of a sauce with a pestle and the involvement of the participants ensure a pleasant and impactful result.



The location of the activity can be an elegant building, a multi-purpose hall, a museum, the cloisters of a wonderful convent or any structure that we can set up exclusively.

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