PROPOSALS  >  TOUR TO GENOA, TIGULLIO AND PORTOFINO HAVING FUN IN THE ITALIAN RIVIERA! ENJOY! Having fun in Liguria! You will discover the secrets contained in the alleys of Genoa, you will visit the beautiful Portofino playing and having fun! Enjoy!


5 days 4 nights


5 days 4 nights


5 days 4 nights


5 days 4 nights



5 days 4 nights

1st day: Arrival

Arrival and accommodation in a wonderful hotel located in the Gulf of Tigullio from a splendid panoramic position. Free dinner and overnight stay.


2nd day: Foodeat tour and cooking class in Rapallo

Rich breakfast at the hotel and transfer to Rapallo, where there will be the meeting with the staff. The tour we have planned will make you completely immerse yourself in the most authentic gastronomic scene of the laughing and authentic Rapallo, like a true local. The tour starts from one of the most significant monuments of the city: the Music Kiosk, and then continues in the characteristic and lively open-air market in search of the flavours that characterize Ligurian recipes. The tour continues in the nearby pasta factory, where a local chef creates the traditional stuffed pasta called “pansoti”, filled with herbs from the market and a few other ingredients. Then comes the time of street food. The cheese focaccia, freshly baked, will be eaten, accompanied with a glass of the best known Ligurian wine: Vermentino. The final stop is an authentic shop well stocked with delicacies, such as cured meats, oils, vinegars, artisanal pastas and winegrowers' wines. To end the tour, the encounter with the pandolce; the dessert stuffed with raisins, pine nuts and candied fruit to taste with Moscato from nearby Portofino to toast the extraordinary recipes and memories you will take home. A unique, fun and exhilarating experience, which has always been appreciated by international jet set actors staying in the area.

Free lunch.

In the afternoon you will have a cooking class, the group will be welcomed with a basket of hot focaccia and a glass of Genoese white wine. The Chef will accompany the guests to the master table, where they will begin to learn the secrets of “Pesto al Mortaio” (mortar pesto) and the history of Genoa through the ingredients. To make Genoese pesto, the aromatic basil leaves are crushed together with garlic, cheese, pine nuts and extra virgin olive oil, using a marble mortar and a pear wood pestle, in order to create a fine and harmonious mixture. The event ends with the presentation and tasting of various extra virgin olive oils from Italy, with bruschetta with Taggiasca olive oils and the tasting of three aging balsamic vinegar. In the evening free dinner and overnight at the hotel.


3rd day: Genoa Treasure Hunt

Breakfast at the hotel and transfer to Genoa. A food and wine or cultural treasure hunt in the largest historic center in Europe!

You will stroll through the famous Genoese caruggi, answering questions about the main local dishes and culinary traditions or about culture and history, from Christopher Columbus to Marco Polo. And so, among clues and riddles, you will be able to discover some of the most beautiful and fascinating places in the ancient city.

Word games, crosswords, anagrams who will be the best and fastest group to find the treasure? The treasure hunt can take place in two different ways, both starting from the Old Port.

1st: discovery of hidden objects around the historic centre that will have to be collected in a bag / envelope

2nd: traditional treasure hunt with riddles to be solved that lead to the different stages and at each stage you will find the envelope for the next stage.

It will end the game with a tasting of typical Genoese products with narration of the dishes and an award ceremony.

What are you waiting for to have fun with us?

Free lunch. In the afternoon free time available to visit the historic centre of Genoa. Free dinner and overnight stay in hotel.


4th day: City Game in Portofino

Delicious breakfast at the hotel and transfer by boat to Portofino. In the morning we will play a very fun CityGame of Portofino, with the help of your smartphone that will allow you to discover various aspects of the village while having fun with a nice quiz game. Portofino is not only the meeting place for VIPs but also a town in Liguria with its history, its artistic, architectural and natural beauties.

This route was prepared by a long-time local guide who loves Liguria, knows it and passes it on with passion.

Starting from Molo Umberto I, you will begin a journey with her to discover the famous "Piazzetta", the parish church of San Martino, the central Via Roma.

Then you will follow a path that will lead you to the most panoramic points of the Portofino mountain: the panoramic viewpoint in front of the church of San Giorgio, the Brown castle and the Lighthouse.

Focused in 8 stages, you will take a journey through various centuries of history, curiosities, traditions, more or less famous people and gossip.

You will end in style, with the gaze that embraces the whole vastness of the Gulf of Tigullio from the terrace below the lighthouse. The itinerary is full of information and at the same time light and pleasant. You can experience the Portofino tour on your own.

In any case, you can manage the walk in the village at your own pace and at your own pace.

The photos you take in the splendid setting of Portofino can become a beautiful souvenir photo book to show to your loved ones when you return home. And that's not all yet! The score you have achieved by answering our quiz will give you access to a special ranking and, if you have been particularly good, you can even win a prize!

Free lunch during the day. In the late afternoon, return by boat to Rapallo and from there to the hotel, free dinner and overnight stay.


5th day: Departure

Rich breakfast at the hotel and departure for the return.