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We reach Bordighera, near Capo Ampelio, a splendid viewpoint on the French coast characterized by the small church of the homonymous saint, who, 1600 years ago, came to this locality to live and died there.

The guided tour starts from Villa Garnier, the elegant residence of the Parisian architect famous above all for his emblematic work, the Paris Opera.

We will visit the villa and the park and then we will reach the old city, a fine example of the historic centre of the 16th century, and the Mariani foundation, former residence of the Milanese painter Pompeo Mariani, where the painter's studio has been refurbished with all the ancient furnishings and objects.

In the beautiful centuries-old olive grove that surrounds the studio, in 1884 Claude Monet came to paint some pictures (visit for a fee). After the guided tour of the park we will return to Bordighera for a walk on the “Monet's path”, to then reach the Bicknell Museum, a small 19th century museum with a garden with a giant ficus and a wonderful wisteria.