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You will board a beautiful sailing boat, 20 meters long; built to participate in the most important regattas in the world, in which it has achieved many victories.


The boat has 2 double cabins at the stern with wardrobes, four beds in dinette with anti-roll sheets, two stacked beds towards the bow with anti-roll sheets and another double cabin at the bow.

It also offers three bathrooms, all equipped with shower.


The typical day begins in Sanremo, after a short introductory lesson to illustrate the fundamentals of sailing, the main maneuvers of the boat and the basic safety rules. Leaving the port everyone can choose whether to indulge in relaxation on deck or bask in the sun.


The navigation will be dictated by the wind and sea conditions: we can go in the direction of head of Arma, or navigate in the direction of Bordighera and the shoal of Mortola towards the French border.


The sail will continue until lunch time, when you will stop at anchor to eat and take a dip (for lunch an aperitif, a first course, dessert, coffee, water and rosè wine will be offered)


After a few hours of relaxation we will leave to take advantage of the pleasant afternoon breeze and enjoy a few more hours on board before returning to port.


The tour will be accompanied by a guide that will delight you with the history and anecdotes of the various locations that will be seen from the sea.