PROPOSALS  >  EXPERIENCE SAVONA AND SANREMO DISCOVERING SAVONA Guided tour of Savona, a gem that overlooks the Tyrrhenian Sea



Savona can be described as an ancient gem overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, with castles and forts built in different eras, from the Middle Ages to the Kingdom of Italy.


The guided tour begins with the Brandale Tower, which indicates the entrance to the heart of the city from the Old Pier.


The walk begins in the historic center of the city towards the Duomo (Cathedral of the Assumption) through the Palazzo Gavotti Art Museum and the Palazzo della Rovere, the most representative medieval buildings of Savona, in addition to the Torretta.


Once in the Cathedral we visit the interior of the Sistine Chapel, built by Pope Sixtus IV between 1481 and 1483 as a mausoleum to house the graves of his parents, where guests will be able to appreciate the works of art preserved inside.


The guided tour also represents an opportunity to get in touch with the local culinary tradition represented by focaccia, farinata, pesto and chinotto, just to mention some of the "MUST"!


Finally, visit the Priamar Fortress, a military complex dating from 1542 which represents the most important fortification in all of Liguria, a veritable "balcony" over the city of Savona.