PROPOSALS CINQUE TERRE GOURMET Eat like a local and experience the Cinque Terre




The Cinque Terre is a land of wine, pesto, farinata, foccaccia, anchovies, ice cream and much more.


And the best way to get to know the region is eating like locals do”!




Here’s a suggestion for an itinerary: it can be customised according to your tastes.




• Meeting with the touristguide in LaSpezia and trip by train to Riomaggiore, where you will take a stroll along the panoramic promenade, leading from the new to the old part of the village, where the ancient Via dell’Amore starts.


Walking towards the old church of San Giovanni Battista you will get to the main street, where you will have a smalltaste of savoury farinata.




• then you will proceed by ferry boat to Monterosso, the biggest village of the Cinque Terre and the only one with a beach. You will explore the old village, the vicoli and the oratory with its mysterious sculptures.


This time tasting will be devoted to wine, followed by some free time for shopping.




• Early in the afternoon you will then proceed by train to Vernazza, a true pearl of the Cinque Terre! You will walk through the path for Monterosso tasting a delicious gelato, enjoying a breath-taking view.




• To end in Manarola, the smallest village of the area, where you will end your day sipping a savoury sweet wine: the world wide famous Sciacchetrà!




This day will be fixed forever in your mind, in your heart and … your palate!


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