PROPOSALS THE ITALIAN RIVIERA STAR OF THE DISNEY PIXAR CARTOON FILM "LUCA" An itinerary through fishing villages, pastel-coloured houses, the "carruggi", traditions, the heart in a splendid Disney animated film


4 days 3 nights


4 days 3 nights


4 days 3 nights



4 days 3 nights


1° Day: Arrival on the Levante coast of Liguria


Arrival in the seaside town of Sestri Levante, characterized by two beautiful beaches. The first one is the spectacular “Baia del Silenzio” (Bay of Silence), the second one is called “Baia delle Favole” (named after the writer Hans Christian Andersen and his famous fables). Both beaches have fine sand and are perfect for children due to the shallow waters.

In the center of the village you will find characteristic family-run stores, typical bars and restaurants and also an outdoor playground.


Your children friendly 4* hotel is centrally located and facing the sea. Its garden, the roof-top swimming pool and its wonderful private beach will allow the whole family to spend unforgettable moments, in complete relaxation. The bays, restaurants, local shops and train station are easily reachable on foot in a few minutes.


Luca's welcome to Liguria will include a voucher to enjoy your ice cream just like him, and a surprise that you will receive upon arrival and will be your travel companion throughout your stay by the sea.


Don't forget to send us your photos with the Welcome Kit: Luca can't wait to admire them!


After checking in and settling into your rooms, you'll have the chance to get an immediate taste of the Riviera. Free dinner and overnight stay.


2° Day: Genoa


Breakfast at the hotel and departure for Genoa.

Meeting with our expert guide specialized in tours for families, who will reveal all the secrets of little Luca! 


You will visit the historical center like an exciting city game! Among riddles and anecdotes you will discover the most untouched and amazing places of this wonderful city. As in the animated film, you will admire some glimpses of beautiful Genoa, with the typical “focaccerie” (bakeries) and dairies and the main points of interest such as the Cathedral of St. Lorenzo, Palazzo Ducale, Piazza S. Matteo, Via Garibaldi, Palazzo S. Giorgio.


You will walk in the alleys with your eyes always upward, enjoying the typical Genoese street food: the focaccia! And if you are lucky, in the alleys you can also run to chase some kitten, just like in the movie. 

You will have the afternoon free to decide what to visit. We recommend the area of the Old Port with the famous Aquarium among the largest in the world, the “Museo del Mare” (Museum of the Sea), the “Città dei Bambini” (Children's City), the pirate ship and many other attractions! You will experience a magical atmosphere...

Return to Sestri Levante, free dinner and overnight stay.


3° Day: The Cinque Terre Park & Portovenere


Breakfast at the hotel and transfer to La Spezia.

After a short walk, you'll arrive at the port. The adventure will continue aboard the ferry that will take you to Portovenere, Unesco World Heritage Site. Guided tour of the typical Ligurian village with its colorful houses, breathtaking views that can be seen in the filming of the film and the church of San Pietro overlooking the sea and the ancient castle.

It's finally time to discover the famous Cinque Terre, fulcrum of the story of friendship narrated in this wonderful animated film.

What could be more beautiful than summers as children? Vacations by the sea, friendships born on the beach, ice cream and adventures on two wheels.

This is where the central part of the film takes place, with the splendid settings that wonderfully describe the world-famous park!

Our excursion will lead you to the discovery of the Park, starting from Riomaggiore. The Cinque Terre Park is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site and composed of five seaside villages: Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso al Mare.

It's finally time to discover the famous Cinque Terre, the focus of the friendship story told in this wonderful animated film.


Like Luca, you can wander through the narrow streets, stop in the squares to listen to the speeches of the old ladies who enjoy their ice cream, but please do not repeat aloud to them sentences that you might regret, as did Luca!


Finally, between the view of a village and the other you can take off your shirt and dive into the crystal clear sea as the protagonist! Surely down there, somewhere, Luca is waiting for you.

Free lunch - you can take advantage of some typical restaurant or choose between local street food or sit on the steps like Luca and bite into your delicious focaccia!


The most famous stretch of the area is the "Blue Path", through which we will go to touch, little by little, the most charming of the 5 villages.

The particularity of this area is given by the man-made landscapes, with terraces overlooking the sea that are beautifully enhanced in the film. Here you find the vineyards for the production of excellent DOC wines, such as the “Sciacchetrà” and immense olive groves. We are sure you will also see some local children riding their bikes, just like Luca and Alberto!

In the evening return to the hotel, free dinner and overnight stay.


4° Day: Portofino and the Tigullio

Breakfast at the hotel and check out.

If you still have time before leaving our Riviera, we recommend a last stop at the Tigullian Gulf and Portofino. In the film, in fact, there are many references to the narrow streets of Portofino and Santa Margherita Ligure and their small squares. The dives into the sea and an Italian summer set among nameless houses, whose shapes and colors recall so well the villages of our world-famous Riviera. Your visit could start from Santa Margherita Ligure, an elegant seaside resort, with brightly colored houses, "trompe l'oeil" facades and Liberty style hotels. If you're lucky you might see some typical red Vespas whizzing by, just like Luca did!

Then you can reach Portofino, a village in a beautifu bay, known as the symbol of Italian Bella Vita due the many famous people who spend their vacations here. Portofino is an ancient fishing village with tall and colorful houses that face in a semicircle on the famous square, which can be seen so clearly in the images of the wonderful animated film. Here you will be able to reach and discover the magnificent “Castello Brown” (Brown castle) situated on a rock overlooking the sea and the lighthouse which, for hundreds of years, has been showing the way to sailors on stormy nights.

Return to the car and departure.