PROPOSALS TASTING LECTURE: CHOCOLATE FLAVOUR IN "CARUGGI" Tasting lecture: chocolate flavour in "caruggi"




The “tasting lectures” by Volver and Ligucibario® are connoisseur tourism experiences in Liguria aimed at conveying precious contents related to food and well-being. Meet senior lecturers Umberto Curti (Italian) and Luisa Puppo (English): Umberto is a renowned essayist, educator and food&wine blogger: Luisa is a destination expert specialized in cross-cultural communication and translation. Umberto and Luisa lead participants on a journey through history and culture, enogastronomy unveiling the true spirit of places. First-class focaccia Genovese, craft chocolate… feature among the riches which make conviviality bloom: new, different, essential ways of understanding the Mediterraneity of Liguria and Genoa, as well as an invitation to share scents, tastes, feelings and emotions.


Explore the casbah of alleys siding the great port of Genoa, an amazing labyrinth of colours, scents, voices, specialty shops, grocers, historical caffetterie, where chocolate has been playing a lead role for centuries.

In a suggestive location in the city centre Umberto Curti, food essayist and storyteller (Ligucibario®), takes you on a journey into the secrets of the food of the Gods as well as into its best matching with local passiti wines. The perfect opportunity to recognize the difference between pure craft chocolate and mediocre-quality products.

Learn the basics of professional tasting and fill in your lecturer’s “Dark chocolate tasting sheet”.

Each participant will be provided with study materials.

Luisa Puppo, destination expert and Gourmet English specialist, delivers translations in real time.


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