PROPOSALS DISCOVERING SANREMO Tour to discover the most characteristic aspects of the city of flowers



Sanremo, the city of flowers, is a city to discover, don't miss a guided tour and some free time for shopping.


The Sanremo tour and the panoramic tour will take you to discover all this:


  • VILLA NOBEL, residence of the Swedish scientist, inventor of dynamite and founder of the prestigious award that bears his name;
  • ORMOND GARDEN, public city park with botanical rarities from all over the world;
  • SUN HARBOUR, which can accommodate up to 800 boats of all sizes;
  • VILLA ZIRIO, headquarters of the Tourism Department and formerly the residence of the German Kaisers;
  • SQUARE CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS, the nerve center of Sanremo.
  • WALK of the EMPRESS, famous waterfront built in honor of a Russian Zarina;
  • RUSSIAN-ORTHODOX CHURCH with the characteristic onion domes;
  • CASINO MUNICIPAL attracts players internationally, it is in fact the most famous building in Sanremo. It was built in 1904 in liberty style;
  • The OLD CITY with its characteristic alleyways of medieval flavor;
  • SAN SIRO CATHEDRAL, the most important church in the city;
  • FLOWER MARKET, where you will find the famous Sanremo carnations;
  • La PIGNA, the oldest district of the city, just before a hill on which it is located the Sanctuary of "Madonna della Costa". Rather challenging course, but certainly effective
  • ROAD MATTEOTTI, main street with its elegant shops;
  • BUILDING BOREA D’OLMO, the most important historic building in the city;
  • ARISTON THEATRE, where the Italian Song Festival takes place annually;
  • OLD PORT, with the fortress of St. Tecla built by the Genoese in the 18th century.