PROPOSALS SAVONA: A TASTY EXPERIENCE WITH A LOCAL A tour to discover the typical flavours of Savona



Savona is a port city, located in the western part of the rivieraligure. It represents a strategical location to visit the marvellous riviera dei Fiori, seat of long craved seaside resorts, like Alassio and Varigotti, and historical medieval villages, like Finalborgo.


Savona and the Riviera dei Fiori are famous not only for their evocative landscapes, but also for some gastronomic specialities like farinata and all its local varieties, the catch of the day of the Ligurian Sea and of course for the extra virgin olive oil with its aroma, which accompanies traditional dishes.


The participants will visit the most ancient and popularlocalsmall shops and workshops, and will taste their specialities, strolling through the peculiar streets of the historical city centre.


This gastronomictour with itinerary includes various dishes and tastes, served by different local restaurants, where you will taste and listen to the explanations of the best delicacies of the Western Riviera Ligure.

It’s just a sparkle, a hint to live the city of Savona: you can pick the gastronomic tour you like. This is an unmissable opportunity to visit the city, together with Savona’s citizens in the best tasty way you can find!


Incoming Liguria by Volver always picks the best dishes and locations, with the objective of making Savona’s gastronomic traditions known, and let visitors experience a unique cooking opportunity.


During the gastronomictour participnats will be able to tastesome of the followingspecialties and products (according to restaurants’ availability):


Panissa: made of chickpea flour. It is the true symbol of street food in Ligury. You should try it fried or in a sandwich!

Farinata: it is a special salty pie like a flatbread, made of chickpea flour and wood oven baked. In Savona you will typically find the Farinatabianca, also called "turtellassu" in the local dialect. It’s mainly made of wheat flour. You will have the opportunity to taste both of them in the most famous restaurant of Savona!

Pesto pasta: made of fresh Ligurian basil, with its ancient and original recipe, using local pine nuts extra virgin olive oil and olive from Taggia!

Local fresh fish: the best fried fish of the city, served in a unique restaurant…. A highly recommended experience!

Focaccia: the typical and original Ligurian one!

Ice cream or dessert: you can’t miss the best ice cream artisan made of Savona, made with genuine and natural ingredients, or the famous Amaretti di Sassello (small bittersweet biscuits made of Amaretto, taken from almonds), a little town in the hinterland of Savona.

Coffee: for a substantial meal, wandering through the city which calls for a worthy ending!


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