PROPOSALS GENOA: THE LIGURIAN TRADITION Discovering the typical Ligurian flavors



On the occasion of the "Ligurian Tradition Tour" the guest will be able to taste some of these specialties (depending on the availability of the dishes and restaurants):

  • Pasta with pesto: the Genoese pesto is a sauce now famous all over the world, but only in Genoa do you eat the real pesto, made with the basil of Prà. A dish not to be missed.
  • Pansoti with walnut sauce: a pasta filled with vegetables with a delicious cream and walnut sauce. For the most demanding.
  • Genoese focaccia: you'll try the best in Genoa
  • Savory pies: the famous Ligurian cakes like pasqualina, meatloaf and rice cake
  • Fried calamari: Genoa is a port city, with a long tradition of cooking fish. The fried squid that you will taste melt in your mouth from what is tender and masterfully fried.
  • Stockfish: country that goes, stockfish that you find. Even Genoa has its tradition that wants it accommodated, with pine nuts, Taggiasca olives and potatoes.
  • Anchovies: freshly caught in the Ligurian Sea, a few km from Genoa, they are one of the main fish of our tradition.
  • Frisceu: round pancakes with small pieces of vegetables inside. Perfect as an appetizer, aperitif and together with a nice glass of prosecco.
  • Coffee: like any self-respecting meal you end up with coffee. One of the best in the city is guaranteed, not to mention the location!

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